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I write dark, contemporary fantasy with elements of horror. I like to think my novels have a literary bent, because even a book with dark or scary elements should be written in interesting language, and hold the attention of educated people. Consequently, although you could read my work just for the story, there is often metaphor, nuance, and symbolism strewn in. You don't have to have a PhD to read it, but it should provide something for you to think about.

In a former life I practiced law in Maryland (I'm a member of the bar of the United States Supreme Court), and served on a nuclear submarine in the Navy. I now live with my wife in Venice, Italy.

Other fun facts:

I paint abstract pictures.

I play the piano and I'm learning the violin.

I believe that a martini is made with gin, although vodka will do in a pinch.

I'm a Beethoven fanatic. I've been to his birthplace in Bonn, and to his grave in Vienna.

I like to cook.

I used to bow hunt deer.

Drop me a line about anything, and if you come to Venice, look me up.