"A Beast in Venice" in a Bookstore: Wellington Books

{ Well, it was fun while it lasted, but this store has closed }

Venice has many bookstores. I see locals reading real books all the time. Some stores had mainly Italian fare, with some English, some have only Italian. One time I went into a bookstore on Campo San Aponal and asked whether they had any books in English. The woman looked at me as though I were from outer space and informed me that no, this was Italy. I’m like, ok, fuck you too.

Wellington Books with Gaspare inside  

Wellington Books with Gaspare inside


Not so with my friend Gaspare at Wellington books. Virtually all the books are in English, his English is perfect, and he is extremely nice.

I hadn’t been to the shop before. I had tried a couple of times, but either they were closed, or I otherwise was not able to stop. The day after I received my order of books from my publisher, I sent Gaspare an email. When I didn’t hear anything from him after a couple of days (patience is not one of my many virtues) I trotted down with two copies.

photo 1.JPG

He had gotten my email and had researched my site, but hadn’t gotten around to responding. That’s cool. Italians are sometimes not that responsive on email.

I showed him the book and told him that it was not self-published. He liked the cover. He told me that a lot of times the small presses have a shitty cover (my words, not his). I’m aware of this. The covers Gemelli had on their website was one of the reasons I submitted to them; they were obviously professionally done.

photo 4.JPG

So, if you come to Venice, go to Wellington Books. Even if you don’t buy one of my books, they have a  great selection of books in English, and are right next to a wonderful wine bar. Just follow the red carpet. If you buy one of my books from there, and want it signed, let me know, I'd be glad to.

Wellington Books
San Marco 4000, Salizzada de la Chiesa o del Teatro 
Phone: 0039 041 523 4964 
Hours: Mon-Sat, 10.30am-8.30pm; Sun, 2pm-8pm

(A great way to find things in Venice is by going to http://VeniceXplorer.net. Click on the main part of Venice, click on “menu” then “street numbers,” click the down arrow and choose “San Marco,” then enter 4000, and it show you where it is.)