OpenOffice Text Selection Slow: Solved

OpenOffice Writer Text Selection Running Slow


I’d used OpenOffice Writer for years with no problem, then one day the text selection feature was so slow that it would take twenty minutes to select all the text in a novel (80,000 words). It hadn’t done that before, and I couldn’t figure it out. That made it useless.

I went online and read all sorts of complicated responses to people who had the same. Here’s the thing: solutions to this type of issue are rarely complicated. The more complex the solution suggested, the less likely it is to work, and the more likely you are to screw up your computer.

Here’s the solution: Mine was caused by an extension. Specifically, Word Count Status Bar.

To fix it, go to “Tools” on the menu bar, select “Extension Manager” from the drop down menu, and then disable the extensions. Ordinary ones, such as spelling and grammar are ok, but any others, disable.

Then close the program and restart it. Selecting text should work again. If you really want the extensions you disabled, enable them one at a time, close the program and restart, and test the selection feature. If it works, repeat the process for the rest, one at a time. That’s how you find the offending extension. When you find it, remove it.

That’s it. The simplest solution is always the best.

Good luck.