Why Decorate with Abstract Art?

Whether you are completely redecorating your home or office, or just looking for a way to bring new life to your existing decor, abstract art is the way to do it. Here’s why.

It’s colorful. Abstract art adds color and interest to any room. Take your boring picture of a sailboat and replace it with a nice colorful abstract, and you will have immediately injected new life into the room.

It’s timeless. Look at any abstract painting. There is no outdated political message, and no clothing style giving away its age. Put a good gestural abstract or abstract expressionist painting in the room, and it could have been painted yesterday. There is generally no message in such a painting to become outmoded.

It’s interesting. A good abstract piece will become an instant conversation piece. The bigger the painting the better, but even a small work can do wonders. Everyone may not like it, but everyone will talk about it.

Abstract art goes with everything. Even if your decor is otherwise traditional, you can decorate with abstract art. It is surprising, but abstract paintings coordinate will with antiques and very old buildings. In Venice there is a place where they display modern paintings, which are generally quite abstract, in what amounts to a crypt. It has bare brick walls, and tombs from the 15th century along the walls, but the display works.