Abstract Art with Traditional Decor

As you know, I am an advocate of mixing abstract art with traditional or antique decor. It is a common notion that modern art should be mixed only with modern decor and furnishings, and that traditional furnishings should be accented by traditional art. This is wrong - the two can be mixed to great effect, and it is truly more interesting when they are mixed.

I came across a blog recently (click here to see it) with two photographs that illustrate this idea perfectly. One photo shows a room furnished with traditional antique furniture, classical sculptures, and oriental furniture, with large abstract paintings on the walls. The other picture shows modern furniture with one of the same paintings as is shown in the picture with the traditional decor. The room with the traditional furnishings is strikingly more interesting. It has the result that the contrast between the modern art and the traditional furnishings makes both stand out more.

Another blog shows an abstract painting in an antique frame hung on a wall in a room decorated with traditional furniture, further illustrating my pint that abstract art and traditional decor go together.  The interior design of this apartment, although having a certain appeal, is consistent with the observations I made in a previous blog about the frightening trend in interior design.  That is, it is awash with totally neutral decor, even the paintings, with only a few spots of color around, which is created solely by a few plants and nick-knacks